Uploading Images and Photos

  1. Go to the website Picasa Web Albums
  2. Click on the "Picasa web Albums Link."
  3. When prompted, login.
  4. Click the "upload" icon, located aboce the photo albums.
  5. Either click "create a new album," or select an album from the list.
  6. Click the "add photos..." button and select the images you want to upload.
  7. Click "open" when done selecting images.
  8. Click "upload" to begin uplaoding the selected images.
  9. Once the "My Photos-> "Album Name" screen appears, you are finished loading.
  10. Repeat the last 6 steps for other albums, if desired.
  11. Images may also be submitted to the website via e-mail to the webmaster.

Submitting Video and Audio Files

  1. Any file to be submitted to the website must be sent via e-mail to the webmaster.
  2. Before sending any files to this address, please verify the following:
    • The file must be as small in size as possible. Some e-mail systems will not allow very big files. If you get a file returned to you, this is probably why. You can zip the file using any standard ZIP utility.
    • The file / e-mail must include the name to be displayed on the website, for the file.

Downloading Images, Videos and Audio Files

  1. Images found on the site can be downloaded by right clicking the image, and selecting "Save as..."
  2. Videos and audio files can be downloaded the same way.
  3. CAUTION: Some images, video and audio files on this site may be copyright protected. If you have difficulty saving the file, this maybe why. For assistance, contact the webmaster.